UNITRADE SHANGHAI LTD was established in 2000 to help companies source their products from China where our focus has always been on professionally and efficiently servicing our clients. Over the years, not only have we developed our large network of manufacturers and suppliers, but we have also gained extensive experience in understanding and meeting our international customers' requirements.

In 2016, we launched our ECO-GREEN division which sources and supplies top quality environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging to the foods and drinks industry. Whether you are looking for standard or bespoke eco-packaging solutions, UNITRADESHANGHAI's growing expertise and market knowledge is best placed to secure them for you. Please contact us for more information.



A growing range of eco-products 

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A Focus on Service

Our focus is on sourcing quality products while delivering agile and professional levels of service to our clients. Our extensive experience and frequent dealings with manufacturers enable us to quickly locate the ideal supplier, negotiate pricing according to our customers’ budgets and provide the highest quality customised products to specification and standards.

A Business Model Geared For You

We understand that securing the right products at the right price is a process of engagement. Our dedicated field staff is there to ensure that every step of this process is executed efficiently and delivered to our customers' expectations . Whether you are looking for standard products or have bespoke requirements, UNITRADE SHANGHAI will ensure that your sourcing initiatives yield quick and efficient results.

Standards and Certification

To meet the highest standards of quality, security and safety in our products such as UL, ANSI, CSA or ASTM standards, we provide a third party certification before shipping takes place from INTERTEK /SGS/ TÜF and Bureau Veritas.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of dedicated individuals. We carry years of experience in international trade supported by a team of highly motivated local sourcing experts. We are proficient in English and French and we manage our client accounts professionally and with integrity. We have been liaising with suppliers in China for many years and we strive to ensure that our customer experience is a productive and rewarding one .

Wendy Wei

Mega efficient general manager that makes sure that your transactions are to spec and spot on.

Ibrahim Takla

C.E.O with plenty of experience. He is always hands-on and values that succes is built on long term relationships.

Cindy Luo

Office manager. Super friendly and a valuable asset for the team.




Iskenderun Kenan

With his years of experience in sourcing for the German and E.U. markets, Iskenderun is your ideal go-to person for securing your requirements.

Wassim Naamani

Partner with extensive international trade experience. Wassim is always on the go!



We work on a cost-plus basis and negotiate the best possible factory price for our customers. We are a volumes business and our pricing is transparent. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers and the highest possible rate of return on their investment.



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